Everything to gain. Nothing to lose.

You're seeking a direct pathway to earn quality, accessible, and affordable associate and bachelor's degrees. Governors State University's Dual Degree Program (DDP) provides it. And with a simple and free application process, your goals are closer than you think. We look forward to helping you achieve them.

Verify your eligibility for the program then select your community college's enrollment form from the list below

  • Verify your eligibility


    To qualify for DDP, you must:

    1) be a full-time community college student at one of our partner community colleges;
    2) have completed 12 – 45 credit hours;
    3) be in good academic standing;
    4) complete your associate degree in five or fewer semesters (plus summers);
    5) plan to pursue a bachelor's degree北京快3必中计划 immediately after graduating from your DDP community college.

  • Participating Community Colleges

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    Click your college below to find the name and contact number for your campus, as well as other useful information.All participating community colleges have a DDP Transfer Specialist or another GSU contact person who can assist students with questions.

    For general inquiries, email us at dualdegree@govst.edu or call the Director of the Dual Degree Program, at 708.534.4494.

    City Colleges of Chicago
    College of DuPage
    Harper College
    Joliet Junior College
    Kankakee Community College
    Moraine Valley Community College
    Morton College
    Prairie State College
    South Suburban College
    Triton College
    Waubonsee Community College

  • DDP Scholarships

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    students with a 2.75 GPA will have the opportunity to compete for the GSU Promise Scholarship. Scholarship awards cover the full cost of tuition, fees, and books that are not covered by the student's and MAP award grants. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of four (4) consecutive semesters (excluding summer).

    Students with a 3.5 GPA or above will have the opportunity to compete for the Dual Degree Program Honors Scholarship. This scholarship covers full tuition and academic fees (applicants must be DDP students currently enrolled at their community college.)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who is the contact person for the Dual Degree Program?

    All participating community colleges have a DDP Transfer Specialist or another GSU contact person who can assist students with questions. Contact information is available here. Select your community college to find the name and contact number for your campus, as well as other useful information. For general inquiries email us at dualdegree@govst.edu北京快3必中计划 or call the Director of the Dual Degree Program at 708.534.4494.

    Who is eligible for the Dual Degree Program (DDP)?

    You are eligible for the Dual Degree Program if you are a full-time student at your community college, have successfully completed a minimum of 12 and maximum of 45 credit hours and are in good academic standing. Selective admission programs, such as nursing, art, and social work, have special provisions. Please see your DDP Transfer Specialist to discuss your options.

    When should I apply to be a Dual Degree Program student?

    北京快3必中计划The best time to apply for the DDP program is during your second semester at the community college after completing a minimum of 12 credit hours but no more than 45 credit hours. For selective programs, see your Transfer Specialist. This will maximize your benefits from the DDP program.

    How do I enroll in the Dual Degree Program?

    You can get the form by choosing your college from the "Participating Community Colleges" tab above, by visiting the Dual Degree Program main page, or from your community college's Transfer Center.

    What if I haven't decided where I will transfer?

    Your enrollment in the DDP will not limit your transfer options in any way, but if you decide to transfer to GSU, you will have numerous opportunities unavailable to non-DDP students.

    What are additional benefits of the Dual Degree Program?

    If you enroll in the DDP, complete your associate degree at your community college, and transfer to GSU, you will be able to take advantage of a number of program benefits, including:

    • Guaranteed admission* to GSU if you
      - Maintain the standards associated with participation in the DDP and
      - Apply for admission to GSU (using the application for admission — a form separate from your application for the DDP)
    • Locked in tuition rate effective the semester you join the DDP
    • Opportunity to compete for the GSU Promise Scholarship
    • Opportunity to compete for the GSU DDP Honors Scholarship
    • Personalized advising relationship with a GSU Transfer Specialist...and more!

    北京快3必中计划*Keep in mind that some academic programs such as nursing, social work, and art are restricted based upon competitive standards. Inquire with a DDP Transfer Specialist for information.

    As a Dual Degree Program student, will I be guaranteed admission to Governors State University?

    Yes! If you are enrolled in the DDP, you will be guaranteed admission to GSU after completing the admission's application to GSU and meeting requirements for both the DDP and your selected major. All DDP students are guaranteed admission to GSU; nursing, social work, and art are examples of majors with selective admissions.

    What does it mean that my tuition is "locked in" because of my participation in the Dual Degree Program?

    The Governors State University DDP will allow you to "lock in" the GSU tuition rate from the date you are accepted in the DDP. Many four-year universities have guaranteed tuition plans but don't allow community college transfer students to participate in that opportunity. DDP students who will transfer to GSU will have two academic years of the locked-in GSU-DDP tuition rate to complete their undergraduate degree.

    What is the GSU Promise Scholarship?

    The GSU Promise Scholarship is a competitive scholarship available to DDP students. The scholarship is open to Governors State University Dual Degree Program students who meet the criteria as specified on the scholarship application. Scholarship awards cover the full cost of tuition, fees, and books that are not covered by the student's PELL and MAP award grants. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of four (4) consecutive semesters (excluding summer).

    What if you are not Pell-eligible or have earned over 30 credit hours?

    Other transfer scholarships北京快3必中计划 are available for students at GSU, including:

    • DDP Honors Scholarship
    • Latino/Latina Achievement
    • Discipline-Specific Scholarships (e.g., business and education)

    What advising will be available to me as a Dual Degree Program student?

    You will have advisors at both your community college and GSU who will assist you with transfer advice, course selection, and personalized academic planning to complete both your associate and bachelor's degrees in a minimum number of terms. We want to be sure you are on the right track, so working with your DDP Transfer Specialist is a requirement of the DDP.

    What does the Dual Degree Program "Transfer Specialist" do?

    A Transfer Specialist is a professional staff member who works for Governors State University and is specially prepared to help community college students make a successful transition to a four-year college or university. There is a Transfer Specialist assigned to most DDP community colleges. The Transfer Specialist works collaboratively with your community college to help with your transition to a four-year school.

    How long will it take to earn my associate and bachelor's degrees when I participate in the Dual Degree Program?

    The DDP is designed to enable students to complete both an associate and bachelor's degree within four years. Depending on the DDP enrollment term, you will have from two to four academic semesters (plus summers) to complete your associate degree at your community college. The semester after you graduate, you will enroll at GSU and have four more semesters (plus summers) in which to complete your bachelor's degree.

    As a Dual Degree program student, does it matter what associate degree program I am in at my community college?

    No. Full-time students in all degree programs — including A.A.S. degrees — are eligible to enroll in the DDP. Many universities do not accept the A.A.S. degree in transfer, but GSU has a number of degree programs that are specifically designed for A.A.S. students who want to complete their bachelor's degree. Click here for information about bachelor's degree programs at GSU.

    If I am in a selective admission program, can I still enroll in the Dual Degree Program?

    北京快3必中计划Yes. To be in the DDP, you need to enroll during your second semester in your selective program. You are exempt from the 12 – 45 credit hour rules. Your Transfer Specialist can help you understand this issue and how it applies to you.

    Why does the Dual Degree Program require that I finish my associate degree before I transfer to GSU or another school?

    Studies show that students who complete an associate degree before transferring are more likely to earn a bachelor's degree, and they do so in a shorter period of time. If you complete an A.A. or A.S., you will also have completed the General Education Core Curriculum, which means you won't have to redo your general education requirements when you transfer to any Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) university in Illinois, including GSU. (IAI schools have an agreement that helps students easily transfer from one participating college/university to another.) The completion of the associate degree is an important milestone in your path to a bachelor's degree.

    Additionally, students who complete only two years at a four-year university leave with no credential, but at your community college you have the opportunity to complete a degree. We want to encourage you to take advantage of earning that important degree. Life happens. If something delays or precludes the completion of your bachelor's degree, your resume will still show you successfully achieved an associate degree at an outstanding community college.

    Will my credits transfer to GSU?

    Yes. Your GSU and community college academic advisor/counselor will work with you to ensure your academic plan enables you to graduate with your associate degree and transfer your credits to GSU. If you follow the advice of the staff of your community college and GSU, you will not lose credits when you transfer.

    Who are the Student Transition Assistants?

    Student Transition Assistants are DDP students and graduates of the program who have been trained and are familiar with the various offices and services at GSU. They have the resources and information to help make your transition to GSU as smooth and comfortable as possible. STAs also serve as:

    • A thoughtful guide for Dual Degree Program students new at Governors State University;
    • A knowledgeable facilitator who provides pathways to people and resources;
    • A reliable and energetic role model and advocate for student success.

    Click here北京快3必中计划 for more information.

    Will I have a chance to get involved in student activities at GSU?

    北京快3必中计划Yes! DDP students will fit in easily and successfully at a high quality institution that has specialized in serving transfer students for decades. DDP students get a free membership to the GSU fitness center and discounted tickets to Center for Performing Arts shows while still attending their community college.

    How many students are in the average class at GSU?

    北京快3必中计划The average class size at GSU is only 14 students.

    What bachelor's degree programs are available at GSU?

    YourDDP Transfer Specialist will help you learn about all the options at GSU. You can also look online to find information about these undergraduate programs.

    What if I still have questions about the Dual Degree Program?

    Click here to be redirected to the main Dual Degree Program web page at Governors State University and then click on the name of your community college. On that page you will find the name and contact information for the Dual Degree Program Transfer Specialist at your community college. For additional information regarding GSU or the DDP program, feel free to contact the Director of the Dual Degree Program, at dualdegree@govst.edu.


  • Honors Program

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    The Honors Program curriculum provides high achieving students with challenging, experiential learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. Click here to learn more.